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If you have a divorce/family law, personal injury or criminal matter and need a lawyer, I’m it.  I’ve been practicing law and fighting for my clients’ rights in all of Pinal County’s Justice Courts, Superior Courts, the Arizona Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court for 25 years.  I’ve represented thousands of individuals from Pinal County and throughout the United States since 1985.  I have a small office with one employee, so my fees are very reasonable.

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Criminal Defense Attorney In Casa Grande AZ

A.    Family Law Cases:

Whether you need an attorney in a divorce case is determined by the answer to this question:  What are you fighting about?  If you have no kids and no property or debts to fight about, why spend money on attorneys?  The necessary documents are available online at, or you can pick them up from the Pinal County Clerk’s Office or Law Library for free.  However, if you don’t want to deal with the paperwork and procedure, I can draft an agreement between you and your spouse and guide you through the bureaucratic process to get your divorce as soon as possible.

If you’re fighting over custody or visitation, there are free mediation services which can help work through any small disagreements you may have, and you may not need counsel.  However, if you have significant disagreements as to custody or visitation, then an attorney is probably warranted.

If you have no kids and each of you is aware of the property and debts and you can agree on how to split these assets equitably, then you may not need an attorney.  However, if you don’t know what your assets and debts are or cannot agree on how they should be split, you should probably hire an attorney.

If you need an attorney, call me at 520-421-2550.

B.    Criminal Cases:

In a criminal case, you need a lawyer.  In any criminal case where you might go to jail, you are appointed a public defender.  In other cases were the judge doesn’t intend an initial jail term, you still need an attorney.  An attorney can negotiate pleas, prepare a case for trial, investigate the facts of the case and perform other necessary actions which will not be divulged here.

You should consider a local attorney.  We know the players – the prosecutors, judges and probation officers – who will be handling your case.  These insights can be invaluable when deciding these very serious matters.  I have 25 years’ experience in criminal law.  I’ve prosecuted cases and defended them.  I’ve handled first-degree murder down to civil traffic violations.  Call my office and set up an appointment today: 520-421-2550.

C.    Personal Injury Cases:

These types of cases include matters involving someone being injured.  These cases include car, boat and motorcycle accidents.  They include cases where someone was purposely injured by someone else, like assault and gun shots.  Personal injury cases involve accidents and intentional conduct.  If you have been seriously injured, you should consult an attorney.  If you do not have serious injuries, then you may try to negotiate settlement without an attorney.   To do this though, you must understand the full extent of your injuries, who you’re dealing with (the insurance company) and what your medical costs have been and will likely be in the future.  This is complicated and you should at least consult with an attorney before accepting any settlement when you’ve been hurt by someone else.

I’ve handled these cases for 25 years in Pinal County.  I’ve been involved with several million-dollar cases with my prior office and settled two $500,000 cases personally since setting up my own practice in 2003.  I’ve personally handled several types of personal injury and insurance claims.  I’ve tried several of these cases to a jury and have the experience to fight for your interests.


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