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If you have a divorce/family law, personal injury or criminal matter and need a lawyer, I’m it.  I’ve been practicing law and fighting for my clients’ rights in all of Pinal County’s Justice Courts, Superior Courts, the Arizona Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court for 25 years.  I’ve represented thousands of individuals from Pinal County and throughout the United States since 1985.  I have a small office with one employee, so my fees are very reasonable.

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Criminal Defense Attorney In Casa Grande AZ

A.    Family Law Cases:

Whether you need an attorney in a divorce case is determined by the answer to this question:  What are you fighting about?  If you have no kids and no property or debts to fight about, why spend money on attorneys?  The necessary documents are available online at, or you can pick them up from the Pinal County Clerk’s Office or Law Library for free.  However, if you don’t want to deal with the paperwork and procedure, I can draft an agreement between you and your spouse and guide you through the bureaucratic process to get your divorce as soon as possible.

If you’re fighting over custody or visitation, there are free mediation services which can help work through any small disagreements you may have, and you may not need counsel.  However, if you have significant disagreements as to custody or visitation, then an attorney is probably warranted.

If you have no kids and each of you is aware of the property and debts and you can agree on how to split these assets equitably, then you may not need an attorney.  However, if you don’t know what your assets and debts are or cannot agree on how they should be split, you should probably hire an attorney.

If you need an attorney, call me at 520-421-2550.

B.    Criminal Cases:

In a criminal case, you need a lawyer.  In any criminal case where you might go to jail, you are appointed a public defender.  In other cases were the judge doesn’t intend an initial jail term, you still need an attorney.  An attorney can negotiate pleas, prepare a case for trial, investigate the facts of the case and perform other necessary actions which will not be divulged here.

You should consider a local attorney.  We know the players – the prosecutors, judges and probation officers – who will be handling your case.  These insights can be invaluable when deciding these very serious matters.  I have 25 years’ experience in criminal law.  I’ve prosecuted cases and defended them.  I’ve handled first-degree murder down to civil traffic violations.  Call my office and set up an appointment today: 520-421-2550.

C.    Personal Injury Cases:

These types of cases include matters involving someone being injured.  These cases include car, boat and motorcycle accidents.  They include cases where someone was purposely injured by someone else, like assault and gun shots.  Personal injury cases involve accidents and intentional conduct.  If you have been seriously injured, you should consult an attorney.  If you do not have serious injuries, then you may try to negotiate settlement without an attorney.   To do this though, you must understand the full extent of your injuries, who you’re dealing with (the insurance company) and what your medical costs have been and will likely be in the future.  This is complicated and you should at least consult with an attorney before accepting any settlement when you’ve been hurt by someone else.

I’ve handled these cases for 25 years in Pinal County.  I’ve been involved with several million-dollar cases with my prior office and settled two $500,000 cases personally since setting up my own practice in 2003.  I’ve personally handled several types of personal injury and insurance claims.  I’ve tried several of these cases to a jury and have the experience to fight for your interests.

What will it cost?

A.    Family Law Costs and Fees:

I charge $200 per hour for my time in family law cases.  I require an up-front earned-upon-receipt retainer.  I will also have a minimum fee which in most cases is the same as the earned-upon-receipt retainer.  The amount of your retainer will be determined by the facts of your individual case.  A custody case is the highest conflict and requires the highest retainer, usually between $4,000 and $7,500.  Thus, if, for example, $4,000 was the earned-upon-receipt retainer, that would purchase up to 20 hours of time (20 x $200 = $4,000).  If custody is not involved, but you’re fighting over how to split your property and debts, then my usual earned-upon-receipt retainer is about $2,500, depending on the value of your property and how easy it is to value your property.  A business is much more difficult to value than a house, for example.  Finally, if the two of you have reached an agreement, but don’t want to file all the documents and process the divorce, I charge a flat fee of $1,500 (which includes the $296 filing fee) to get your divorce finalized.

Please review our fee policy page to learn more about the exact costs and fees you can expect from me.

B.    Criminal Law Costs and Fees:

Determining what your earned-upon-receipt retainer will be in a criminal case depends on two things: the level of felony or type of charge and my perceived likelihood that the case will go to a jury trial.  The higher the level of felony you are charged with means that more risk is involved.  If your case is headed for a jury trial, that requires significant time to fight for your rights.

My hourly rate for a criminal case is $200 per hour.  My usual earned-up-receipt retainer for a misdemeanor charge is $1,000 to $1,500, for a DUI $3,000 to $4,000, for a lower-level felony (Class 4-6) $3,000 to $5,000.  More serious felonies will require a $7,000 to $25,000 retainer.  These are earned upon receipt and, in a criminal case, my minimum fee will be the same as your earned-upon-receipt retainer.

My 25 years’ experience includes both prosecution and defense work, but is primarily in defense, fighting for my clients’ rights in Pinal County.  I know the Pinal County judges, prosecutors and probation officers.  I can use this knowledge, plus the experience of 25 years, to aggressively defend the charges brought against you.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Pinal County, you should consider hiring me.  You should hire someone soon, as often criminal defense work starts before the crime is charged.  Call me at 520-421-2550.

C.    Personal Injury Costs and Fees:

Personal injury fees are contingent upon your recovery.  There is no up-front earned-upon-receipt retainer in a personal injury case.  In most cases, I charge a one-third contingency fee.  This means that your fees are one-third of any monies received for you.  Then expenses of the case are deducted, any doctor’s liens paid, and the remainder is forwarded to you.  This means that if no recovery is made, then no fees are charged.

Not all lawyers have the staff and experience to properly evaluate your case.  I do.  Often the most important part of the case is knowing what it’s worth so you can evaluate the offers of settlement versus the costs of trial.  However, whether to settle or go to trial is your decision.  I will not force you to take an offer that is not fair.  I have the wherewithal and experience to take your case to a jury trial to get what you deserve for your injury and the pain and suffering it has caused you.  Call me at 520-421-2550.

What is the process and how long will it take?

A.    Family Law:

Arizona requires that you have been a resident of Arizona for at least 90 days prior to filing for a divorce and, if there are children involved, you may not have jurisdiction for a custody case until the kids have been here for six months.  A divorce action has a 60-day “cooling off” period.  This means that, even if everything is uncontested, you have to wait at least 60 days from service of the documents on your spouse.  Also, in Arizona, your community estate ends upon service on your spouse.  This means that your income and debts incurred after service are now sole and separate, as long as a decree is eventually entered.

A family law case is commenced by a petitioner filing a petition.  Whether for divorce, custody or child support in Arizona, it is spelled out by statute who can file and for what.   Thus, parents can file for divorce if married, or custody if not married.  Grandparents can file a petition under the circumstances set forth in the grandparents’ rights statute.  Other non-parents who have taken care of children as parents can file under the in loco parentis statute. 

Once a petition is filed, service (giving notice to the other side) is required and then a response is filed.  Thereafter, temporary hearings can be set (usually within 30 days) to determine custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and exclusive use of the family home on a temporary basis.

Thereafter, there are mandatory parenting classes and mediation to help resolve custody disputes.  Sometimes custody evaluations are done with private or public entities.  Discovery (the exchange of financial documents and other information) is then engaged in and the case prepared for trial.  We also often engage in informal and formal settlement conferences.  All these matters are an attempt to resolve your case satisfactorily prior to trial to save you time, fees and the uncertainty of trial.

In Pinal County, a full-blown custody or contentious divorce takes about 9 months to a year to go through these proceedings and get a trial.  I’ve tried hundreds of these cases.  Call me at 520-421-2550.

B.    Criminal Law:

The criminal process starts with an investigation and arrest on the spot or by being summoned into court at a later date.  It is very important to attend the first hearing.  If you don’t, a warrant will probably issue for your arrest.  If you are taken into custody, you have the right to reasonable bond being set in your case.  You will see a judge and bond will be set within 24 hours.  At that hearing, a not-guilty plea will be entered and another hearing will be set.

Usually after your initial appearance, a pretrial conference is set.  At a pretrial conference, you’ll be provided with the police reports and a plea agreement.  Thereafter, a trial will be set or another pretrial conference on the plea agreement can be entered.  All felony cases and several misdemeanors afford you the right to a jury trial.  My experience will help you decide whether to accept a plea or go to trial.  I will explain our rights and options, and help you decide what’s best for you.  I will fight for your rights and interests and give you the information you need to make your decision.

After a trial, a sentencing hearing will be set and arrangements made to carry out punishment if you are convicted or take a plea.  If we prevail at trial, the case is dismissed and jeopardy prohibits you being tried again.

It is very important to remember your Constitutional rights, including your right not to incriminate yourself.  You have speedy-trial rights, the right to confront witnesses and to do your own investigation.  I’ve been doing these types of cases for 25 years.  My experience provides you with several options not usually performed by most criminal lawyers.  These options include doing your own investigations, gathering statements and evidence to put you on the offense, rather than the defense.  It is very important that you talk to me as soon as you can to determine if you should talk to law enforcement or what other steps you need to take to defend yourself and save money on both bond and fees.  Call me right away at 520-421-2550 if you have a criminal case.

C.    Personal Injury and Wrongful Death:

A personal injury case starts with an injury.  An investigation or police report usually accompanies the injury.  Thereafter, a personal injury case is initiated by making a claim and demand, usually to an insurance company, for compensation for the injury you’ve received.  It is important that you contact an attorney soon in a serious injury or wrongful death case.  An Independent investigator may need to be hired.  An accident reconstructionist may need to view to scene and the vehicles to determine fault.  If we wait too long, this evidence can disappear or degenerate.

If you have a serious injury, you should call me right away at 520-421-2550.


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